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How to Make a Three-Tier Planter

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24)...and upstairs too.

Stephen Chilcott shares with Home Farmer his plans for making a three-tier planter. An ideal solution when space is short.

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Planters filled with loose, friable earth, packed with nutritious compost should mean that roots plunge downwards and plants can be packed in close together for good weed-suppression and mutual support.


Please download the step-by-step PDF guide Page 1

Please download the step-by-step PDF guide Page 2


  • 1. Move over Da Vinci.. My original 'back of fag packet' sketchings.
  • 2. The Equipment.
  • 3. See the shopping list for material needed.
  • 4. It is essential that you measure up accurately. See measurements under shopping list.
  • 5. First Fixings.
  • 6. The planters start to take shape.
  • 7. Corner reinforcements.
  • 8. Onwards and upwards.
  • 9. Sqauring things up.
  • 10. Things squared off.
  • 11. Now let's see how all this fits together.
  • 12. Quite nicely all things considered.
  • 13. Yep, it's going to be OK.
  • 14. The Framework
  • 15. All taking shape nicely...
  • 16. Looking OK below decks.
  • 17. And upstairs too.


Shopping List

For the planters:

(Use tanalised timber throughout)

Green Gravel Board:

9 x 1.83m lengths @ 22mm x 150mm

For the Frame: 

3 x 3.6m lengths @ 22mm x 100mm

Pointed Pegs:

4 x 1.2m lengths @ 31mm x 31mm


Half a box (approx) of ‘superdrive’ screws:


Height: 1,650mm

Dimension of planters: 940mm x 600mm x 300mm

Gap between planters: 240mm

Footprint: 1,250mm x 1,000mm


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