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How to Make a Three-Tier Planter

24)...and upstairs too.

Stephen Chilcott shares with Home Farmer his plans for how to make three-tier planter. If towns have shot skywards, then so too can gardens…

So, let’s go ‘no-dig’ and let’s go onwards and upwards, piling vegetable beds up into the sky, one on top of the other! By this I mean raised beds or planters in tiers, releasing further vital space at ground level. Planters filled with loose, friable earth, packed with nutritious compost should mean that roots plunge downwards and plants can be packed in close together for good weed-suppression and mutual support.

Please download the step-by-step PDF guide Page 1

Please download the step-by-step PDF guide Page 2

ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS (All tanalised timber):


Green Gravel Board:

9 x 1.83m lengths @ 22mm x 150mm

£2.08p each = £18.72


3 x 3.6m lengths @ 22mm x 100mm

£2.43 each = £7.29

CORNER BRACES FOR PLANTERS: We shall contact Stephen to see if we need details here!

Pointed Pegs:

4 x 1.2m lengths @ 31mm x 31mm

36p each = £1.44

 Half a box (approx) of ‘superdrive’ screws:

4mm x 45mm (200 in a box costing £3.24) = £1.62

TOTAL COST: £29.07 + VAT


Height: 1,650mm

Dimension of planters: 940mm x 600mm x 300mm

Gap between planters: 240mm

Footprint: 1,250mm x 1,000mm


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4 Comments on "How to Make a Three-Tier Planter"

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  1. Mick Sturman says:

    Hi there,
    Nice 3 tier set-up, have downloaded page 1, but when I go to download page 2 it keeps taking me to Yahoo.
    Should there be some more instructions on page 2?



  2. Rusty says:

    Page 1 and 2 download as a poor quality JPEG images not a readable PDF.



    • Ruth Tott says:

      Really sorry Rusty. These should have been PDFs. I’ve only just got back from a garden show but will endeavor to get this sorted for you and everybody else asap. (Ruth)

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