A Little Bit About Us

Many moons ago, in the deep dark recesses of 2002, I took the plunge and grabbed the chance of redundancy from the Farmers Guardian newspaper to start my own publishing and book retailing company, Farming Books and Videos. I published various books including The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young - now published by Faber, Talking Sheepdogs by Derek Scrimgeour, that was translated into German and Swedish and The Sausage Book by Paul Peacock,which still has the accolaid as being the best selling book on making sausages in the UK. Other notiable titles included Craft Cider Making by Andrew Lea and A Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping by Carol Harris. After 3 years hard graft hubby Paul joined left his work to join me so that we could concentrate 100% on building up and expanding the business that had already taken over much of our lives (not to mention the garage and spare room!).

In 2007 we changed the name to The Good Life Press. and in 2008 launched the monthly magazine, Home Farmer. This conincided with major changes in publishing (as well as the recession) with Amazon demanding 60% off publishers and being up against them in selling books as well it was clear that as a small independant company we couldn't sustain the book side of the business so, slowly over 3 years we diverted away from books to concentrating mainly on the magazine. 

We have continued to publish a few niche titles, The Sheep Book for Smallholders by Tim Tyne is now in it's third reprint. In 2016, helped by Kickstarter, we published a showcase book, Viable Self-Sufficiency by Tim and Dot Tyne and we continue to publish The Sausage Book

We remain passionate about the market we serve and our business remains very much a small, cottage business with ethics to match.  When you ring it is us who answer, when you order a back copy of the magazine it's us who pack it and when a mistake has been made (fortunately not that often) it's us who've have made it - although Paul will try and lay the blame 100% on Ruth or Suzi, the office dog! 

Our next major move is planned for May 2017 when we move from Lancashire up to Scotland.