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2014 Index

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January 2014

Includes: Heavy snow and polytunnels/Propagating trees and shrubs/Green Manures in Small spaces/Forcing Veg/Chicken Coop MOT/Chickens on Allotments/Boer Goats/How to become a beekeeper/Superfoods/Macarons/cooking with Nettles/Moving to France/£5 challenge/Love your local Market/DIY Corner Chicken Coop/Linear drains

February 2014

Includes: Cabbages/GM Crops/Growing Spuds/Egg eating in the coop/Making a smallholding pay/pasture management/Konik pony/Equipment for beekeepers/Pineapple Wine/Goat recipes/Peg Weaving/Water power

March 2014

Includes: Growing Peas/sweet potatoes/beetroot/curing/Hazelnut Spread/Vegetarian Dishes/Livestock bedding/Natural poultry keeping/Lambing/Funding Your Flock/Planting a woodland/Buying wood fuel logs

April 2014

Includes: Growing beans/Funding your veg plot/Growing grains/Hungry Gap/Maximising egg production/2014 Show guide/Dandelion recipes/Making butter/buttermilk recipes/Beginner’s Beer/Felting/Modest Designs

May 2014

Includes: Brassicas/Successful seedlings/Conditioning your soil/Essential poultry tips/Limousin cattle/Grow and Cook Ginger/Making pig keeping pay/Street Food/VAT and smallholding/Social Media for small producers/Country Markets/Septic Tank/Low-energy light bulbs

June 2014

Includes: Art of watering/Salads for planting now/Does planting save money?/All year round salads to grow/Coloured eggs/Swarming/Breadmaking/Gingerbeer/elderflower recipes/running a B&B/Making a potting bench

July 2014

Includes: Growing Wasabi/Plums/Wildlife Garden/Softwood Cuttings/Growing Herbs/Soft Fruit Harvest/Poultry housing/Red Mite/First World War recipes/Making Bread pt 2/Make Bounty Bars/Ice cream recipes/How to mend a plug/Upholstery/your own water supply

August 2014

Includes: Globe Artichokes/early spring harvest crops/building a pond/weaving willow/Preserving recipes/choosing poultry feeders and drinkers/collecting a swarm/making bread pt 3/seaweed/nearly wild camping/Community bee-keeping/Fixing vacuum cleaners

September 2014

Includes: Digging for Victory/Extending the growing season/Victory Crops/Samphire/Building a sustainable pond/All year long salads/Poultry ailments/Selecting ram for flock/Honey remedies/Courgette glut busters/Sugar Alternatives/Ration inspired recipes/Landworker’s Alliance/Plumbing basics

October 2014

Includes: Medlars and Quinces/Apples/Seed Bombs/Soft fruits/ Geese for garden/Lucky Hens Rescue/ Crafts for Christmas gifts/Uniting bee colonies/Comfort dishes/pumpkin pie/Raw milk/Land skills

November 2014

Includes: Pruning for nervous/Winter wildlife/Orpington/Native Geese/increasing bee colonies/Making stilton/cooking with potatoes/Pickles through ages/Building a brick oven/how to darn clothes

December 2014

Includes: Pruning Clematis and Roses/Polytunnel first aid/Building a camera bird box/Lincolnshire Buff/Muddy runs/Pollinators/The Suffolk Punch/Making Camembert/Potting meat and more/Making cheese crackers/Building a gingerbread house/ Butter tablet recipes






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Ruth Tott is the publisher of Home Farmer Magazine, and together with her husband, Paul Melnyczuk, Editor,is founder of the company. But her background is far removed having specialised in Costume History with a Post-Grad diploma in Museum Studies to boot. A far cry from looking after chickens, growing veg and making bread!

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