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Of course we will tell you how wonderful we are but even better here are a few of the comments made from our customers about us:

“I like the ‘normal’ rather than gourmet recipes and the diversity of the articles.”

“A good mix of all things small holder-y. I love the way it is written and the level it is written at – seemingly by people who are as slightly bonkers about their bits of land/animals/veg as we are.”

“Great, articles on practical subjects. I like the down to earth approach (pardon the pun) and I like the articles on things to make and cook. It is also good to have the articles touching on the broader subjects affecting farming and smallholding at the moment as well as renewable energy and recycling. This is turning into a bit of a ramble, I think because you are getting a lot right.”

“We love the way that there is a little bit of everything in each magazine – gardening, recipes, general information, husbandry, bees, bacon, soap, alternative energy, polytunnels, etc etc Lovely pictures and photographs make it really attractive and a good read.”

“The ideas in your magazine are actually very green, but the way they are presented makes them seem accessible to everybody which I like.”

“It’s the best on the market”

“I love the fact that, although I haven’t met you, you seem to be down to earth folks, you don’t seem to have airs and graces and I really like that.”

“Inspirational and encouraging.”

“Friendly style; Good photography; Filling in the gap between gardening mags and farming mags; green ethos.”

“It’s great, bright and interesting with a lot of variety in each month. just wish it was weekly!”

“You tell it like it is!”

“I love this magazine!”

“I am a country mixed practice vet. Many of my clients are smallholders with little experience to date. In addition to recommending the local smallholding clubs, I now suggest your magazine as a good general source of information for people who wish to improve the broad and basic knowledge. I cannot quite bear to leave my copy in the waiting room though-I would be too worried about losing it!”

“I have subscribed to numerous magazines of similar nature over the last 30 years and yours trips my trigger. It covers everything in simplistic terms and is the best.”

“You are very informative, yet do not preach. A lot of magazines in this genre tend to “preach a gospel” Home Farmer is more of a literary “friend” than dictator.”

“Don’t get to heavy, just keep it real!”

“Please do not loose that “chat over the garden wall” appeal that the magazine has.”

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