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Subscribe to Home Farmer and save up to *35% off the cover price

Direct Debit is the easiest way to continue to get your magazine every month and you save *35% off the cover price
*(based on cover price from Sept 15 issue and paying once a year).
Your subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary of the first payment (or every quarter if you are paying quarterly) until you cancel it directly with your bank. It is essential to do this AT LEAST 14 days in advance of the payment due date otherwise you will still be charged.
  • Annual payment £35 (UK), (Europe £50, ROW £70 with UK bank account)
  • Quarterly payment £9.50 (UK) – spreading the cost
I understand that my subscription be renewed automatically until I cancel the direct debit with the bank.
P.S If you don’t like Direct Debits can pay with a card as a one-off payment. Please click here to pay by credit/debit card for 12 months.Or sign up to our newsletter and buy the magazine ad-hoc.

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