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Free Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

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Egg Heads LHR copy

Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

These cute little ‘egg hats’ are very, very quick to do and use up oddments of yarn – perfect for fund raising craft stalls, and we’ve now been contacted by the BHWT who are in urgent need of knitters to knit these hats for their fund raising events. (Please send to address below).

Size 4mm needles
DK wool – I used Crofter baby wool. It also works well in cotton yarn.

1 Cast on 26 stitches.
2 Work in 1×1 rib (kt1, p1) for 5cm.
3 Knit 1 row.
4 Pearl 1 row.
5 Next row: kt1, kt2g, kt to last 3 stitches, kt2g, kt1 (24 stitches).
6 Pearl 1 row.
7 Next row: kt1, kt2g, kt to last 3 stitches, kt2g, kt1 (22 stitches).
8 Pearl 1 row.
9 Next row: k2tg to end (11 stitches).
10 Keep the stitches on the needle, then cut enough yarn to thread back through the stitches to gather the hat at the top.
11 Sew up the side and turn out the right way.

1 Cut a piece of wool about 10cm long and lay it on a flat surface.
2 Using a different piece of wool, wrap the yarn loosely around your index finger (you don’t want to cut off your circulation!) about 20 times.
3 Remove the wool from your finger and lay it on the 10cm strand, as near to the centre as possible. This is tricky if you’re all fingers and thumbs, like me, but easier than doing all the template stuff needed for bigger pompoms.
4 Draw up the ends of the 10cm thread as if you were tying a shoelace, then knot it and cut off the ends.
5 Style it into a pompom and sew it onto the top of your egg hat.

Hats off to you for making these – have fun, and please send your egg cosies to:

The British Hen Welfare Trust, Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, EX36 4RF


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Ruth Tott is the publisher of Home Farmer Magazine, and together with her husband, Paul Melnyczuk, Editor,is founder of the company. But her background is far removed having specialised in Costume History with a Post-Grad diploma in Museum Studies to boot. A far cry from looking after chickens, growing veg and making bread!

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