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Honey Beer

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Tim Tyne setting aside a spoonful of yeasty sludge to start his next brew.


This extract from the highly regarded book, Viable Self-Sufficiency, for honey beer is one of Tim Tyne’s tried, and very much tested, tipples. The ingredients listed below makes a gallon of beer.


1lb honey
½ oz dried hops
4oz dark brown sugar
Brewers’ yeast
Granulated sugar for priming (1 tsp per bottle)


1     Boil the hops and the brown sugar in 6 pints of water for an hour.
2     Strain, dissolve the honey in the hot liquor, top up to 1 gallon with cold water and allow to cool, then add the yeast.
3     Ferment for a week then siphon into primed bottles and seal. Store the sealed bottles in a warm place for a few days before transferring to somewhere cooler.


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