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November Home Farmer

Home Farmer is the monthly magazine for hobby farmers, smallholders, garden farmers and the new band of urban/rural people who want to grow and raise more in their garden than just flowers.

November issue in a nutshell: November in the Veg Garden -Salsify and Scorzonera -Your polytunnel in November – Lunar Gardening – Seasonal Foraging – .Windowsill gardening – Icing Decoration for the nervous – Reinventing the sausage – Using up your produce – Butchering rabbit and grouse – When hens go bad – Poultry Q&As – A Smallholder’s Diary – The Exmoor pony – Bee keeping in November – Fencing – Rural Retreat – Making a Cheesepress – Making farm animal shelters – Modest designs – Feed the Birds – Smallholding in Bygone Times



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