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Increase in Slaughter without Stunning

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Apparently the number of sheep slaughtered in the UK without prior stunning has doubled in the last 6 years to over 3 million. The sharp rise – attributed to the Muslim community eating more sheep meat and ‘enhance religious observance’ ‒ was described by independent peer, Lord Trees, a former president of the Royal College of veterinary Surgeons, as a backward move for the country. Pressed on the matter by Lord Trees, a government spokesperson conceded that the government would prefer to see all animals stunned before slaughter, but he pointed out that the government had long been clear on the rights of both the Jewish and Muslim communities’ rights to consume meat according to their religious practices. Yet all lamb that is imported from New Zealand is apparently designated halal, even though the animals have all been stunned prior to slaughter. The RSPCA, The British Veterinary Association and the Humane Slaughter Association are all calling for an end to slaughter without stunning, with an end to religious exemption from the legislation. So far Denmark is still the only country to ban slaughter without stunning, saying they “animal rights come before religion”.

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Paul Melnyczuk is editor of Home Farmer, and together with Ruth Tott is the founder of the company. His Ukrainian father and Austrian mother came over in the 1950s, and he was raised near Accrington (of Stanley fame) in Lancashire. With a degree in European Literature and a year spent living in Sweden, and a further 2 years in the Sudan, his background is rich and varied.

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