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How to make Cider Vinegar

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There are always some free apples for the taking in autumn, writes Elizabeth McCorquodale, whether from wildings, community orchards, or through social media sites like Freecycle, and making up a batch of apple cider vinegar is a cheap way of acidifying soil or making your own spot weedkiller. You can of course use it for salad dressings and it is good for the chickens too.

  1. Half fill a 1-gallon jar with chopped apples (any variety, with cores, skin and blemishes intact), add 1 heaped cup of sugar, then top up with water.
  2. Cover with cheesecloth to keep out fruit flies, then leave it to stand for 1 month (or so).
  3. As soon as it tastes/smells like vinegar, strain it and store in sealed bottles or jars.

If you have a good supply of apples, you can make a very respectable quantity to last through the year!

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