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Mock Orange Juice

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Fresh Swedish turnips

Food Historian, Seren Hollins writes: Whilst many food and beverage provisions were in short supply during the Second World War, carrots were not. In 1942, a carrot surplus of some 10,000 tons prompted the British government to instigate a large-scale publicity campaign designed to educate people on the benefits of eating carrots. The campaign featured Doctor Carrot, who reinforced the belief that carrots helped you to see in the dark.

Culinary delights in the form of curried carrot, carrot jam, and even a drink called Carrolade, made from the juices of carrots and swedes made it into the Ministry of Food’s War Cookery Leaflet Number 4. Here is a recipe for mock orange juice – the liquid can also be used in any recipe that calls for orange juice. See also our recipe for Dandelionade.

  • Swede, sliced
  • Sugar
  1. Toss the slices of swede in a few teaspoons of sugar. Place the slices in a bowl, then cover and stand overnight.
  2. By the morning the sugar will have extracted a clear liquid from the slices of swede. This liquid has a ‘swede-like’ smell, but slightly orangy taste. If you can get past the smell it is actually rather pleasant.
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