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Hope you had a good weekend. My spies tell me the weather up your way hasn’t been anything like as bad as here though you’ve probably had some snow today (I’ve an aunt and uncle in Todmorden and our son lives in Lancaster).  We’re about 20 miles northwest of the Brecon Beacons and they got hit with 10 inches of snow, but thankfully we only had a couple of inches.  It shut the local schools on Friday, but they were open again today thank goodness!

Anyway, your signed contracts arrived this morning (well, mid-day, which is when the post is delivered in these parts, weather permitting) and I’ve counter-signed them and popped your copy back in the post to you.

I suggest we should now organise a creative and html link swap, and perhaps discuss how and when you want to launch your new dating service.  I can provide you with creatives in the standard  IAB sizes 300 x 250, 180 x 150, 160 x 600 and 728 x 90. I also have some (now non-standard) at 468 x 60, but I can arrange for other sizes at reasonably short notice if you wish.  For display of ads for your magazine on and we’ll need 468 x 60 and 728 x 90.

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