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Revamping Your Flowerpots

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That crafty art of decoupage has all sorts of applications (no pun intended). I particularly like that you can bring back to life rather old objects to make great gifts or just to have around the house or garden. I’ve used wrapping paper in the past to cover clocks and old placemats. Here I’ve used paper napkins on a flowerpot.

My tip is to choose a very busy pattern so you can’t see where the different bits of napkin joined in.

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Paper napkins are now available in all manner of patterns – the best variety is on online. Just key in decoupage/paper napkins into ebay and it will come up with a myriad of different styles and colours.

You will not be stuck for choice of patterns available!

You will not be stuck for choice of patterns available!

  • 1 Flowerpot
  • 1 paper napkin
  • PVA glue
  • Brush
  • Yacht varnish (or other matt varnish that can withstand water)

Give the pot a good scrub to get rid of dirt, cobwebs and the rest. Leave to dry out fully.

Cut your napkin into strips.The busier the pattern the easier it is to glue and hide any joins.

Pour some PVA glue into a container and with the brush, apply, in sections to the flower pot.

Add your first strip of napkin to the pot then work your way around the side.


Keep building up the PVA glue under and coating the paper making sure all parts under, and over the paper are covered. The paper can wrinkle a bit, use the brush to gentle smooth these out. The busier the pattern the better disguised these wrinkles will be!


Once completely covered with paper and glue allow to dry fully.

Apply 3 layers of varnish, allowing to dry fully before a new layer is applied.







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  1. I love this, what a fab idea!

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