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Things to consider if you want to write for Home Farmer

We would always prefer that copy was sent in a word document on a disc or emailed directly through to the publisher, for consideration. Alternatively email a synopsis for review. We try to respond promptly but occasionally emails get buried, lost or, shamefully, forgotten about. In which case please please email a reminder.  Any other format must be discussed with the me before submitting. The work and the photographs must be original and have not been published in another magazine before.


Our best advice is for you to get a good ‘feel’ for the magazine and our audience. Buying a copy of the magazine to get the look and feel of it would be a good start! ( If you feel that you have a good angle that will be of relevance and interest then email in the first instance with a bit about yourself and outline of your proposal. Or you can phone for a chat about your proposal. My telephone number is 01772 633444.

If selected your work will be edited and proofread and you will get to see the article before it goes to press. However we ask that you check the work for spelling errors and grammar before it is submitted and the photographs must be hi resolution.

Subject matter:

Subejects tend to fall into one of three categories: Firstly we have a regular ‘Your story’ slot in the magazine which gives readers a chance to ‘show and tell’ what they are doing or how they got where they are. For example we ran an article about keeping goats in the garden which was informative, honest and inspiring. We’ve had others about keeping quail and opening up a farm shop.  Our second type is purely informative but from a personal view point: My first year with Solar panels, or Building our Hobbit House, for instance. Finally there is the viewpoint feature. If you have a burning hot topic that you want aired then contact us. It’s something we may be interested in covering.


Home Farmer is a magazine as well as an online resource so your work may appear in the paper magazine as well as, at a later date, online or even, if selected, in an e-book or a book. We would therefore use this opportunity to promote your blog and/or website. We will supply you with the final PDF of the article, when requested, for you to use for your own promotional purposes but ask for you to credit/link back to We will also send you a copy of the magazine it appears in too. Other copies can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ruth Tott

Magazine and online Content Editor | | 01772 633444


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